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Snapchat and social media superstar Shonduras tells us about the very first branded Snapchat story ever!  

What's your story? Share it on social media using #ShareYourStory.
YouTuber, entrepreneur, and sponsored bodybuilder Furious Pete shares his two life "mottos".

What's your story? Share it on social media using #ShareYourStory.
"We have the ability to communicate like never before. 

We can use the collective intelligence, the collective passion, the collective talents of humanity—wherever it might be in any country in the world—to create things that can be so much better than what we could make if we only worked with people we knew or that happened to live in the same city as us."  
- Matt Mullenweg, Founder of WordPress

What's your story? Share it on social media using #ShareYourStory.
YouTuber and Creative Entrepreneur Roberto Blake shares how he helps people create something awesome.

What's your story? Share it on social media using #ShareYourStory.
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Including acclaimed marketer and entrepreneur Neil Patel
and Snapchat celebrity Cyrene Quiamco.
Personal branding and online business strategist Hope Brookins shares the biggest mistake she made in her business. 

Posted on YouTube by Hope Brookins
In this short video Brandon Carter shares how he left two jobs to pursue building his supplements company full-time, some of the risks he has taken along the way, and some of his biggest "lessons learned".
Posted on YouTube by Brandon Carter
Cyrene Q shares  how her mom was able to move their entire family from the Philippines to the United States, and how that has inspired her to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in college scholarships, pay off her dream home, and work to become one of the top Snapchat artists.
Posted on YouTube by Cyrene Q
Taryn Southern always wanted to be a performer, and so she quit her job in the financial services industries and moved to LA in order to sing, host shows, and create content. Now, she's one of the top YouTubers out there and has her own company that produces commercials for major Fortune 500 companies!
Posted on YouTube by Taryn Southern
Jared Kleinert is the award-winning author of 3 Billion Under 30. He started #ShareYourStory alongside his book's contributors in order for us all to share uplifting and inspiring stories of personal growth and triumph. Upload your own short video, share it on social media to inspire your friends, and challenge 3 of them to do the same!
Posted on YouTube by Jared Kleinert
Eric Toczko is the CEO and Founder of ShineOn, a platform that empowers the creation and sale of custom jewelry pieces. For the #ShareYourStory campaign, he shares his unique experiences with hacking his dopamine levels, and how you can do the same in your own life to improve your health, productivity, and happiness. 
Posted on YouTube by Eric Toczko
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